Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why do students smoke?

A question that has been asked one time too many. Why do they do it anyway?

PTPTN loans are just about enough to cover the cost of living, sometimes even that is not enough. It is polite to say that the majority of the students of Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang do not smoke, a fact we're all proud of. What about those who do? Since quitting the habit is no easy task, what are we doing as friends, brothers and sisters to help curb this fatal habit? 

Have the campaigns by various government and non-governmental bodies not met their goals? Or is stress still a large factor that continues to play a major role?

What ever the causes may be, smoking has got to stop. The change has to start here. Ever heard of the phrase "leave no man behind"? Let's put it to practice. Save a life. 

Check out this article by Ernest Dichter from The Psychology of Everyday Living:  Why Do We Smoke Cigarettes? 

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