Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Coping with the cravings

While NRT will help you beat the cravings, there will still be moments when you’re tempted. Here are a few ways to help you cope:

  • Do something that requires you to get up and move. Take a walk, for instance.
  • Distract yourself – you may find drinking a glass of water can help.
  • Take control, use your willpower and ask yourself, “How much do I really need this cigarette?”
  • Remind yourself of all the reasons why you stopped smoking.
  • Substitute some regular chewing gum or a lolls for a cigarette.
  • Get some exercise which is a great way of dealing with stress and getting fitter too.
  • Talk it through with someone you trust.
  • Think of yourself as a non-smoker not a deprived ex-smoker.

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