Thursday, 17 May 2012

Every Thursday, 3-5pm, Quit Smoking Clinic USM

For all those who want to attend, but have not yet because of familiarity issues, here is a video and some pictures you giving a brief example of what actually goes on:

Here is a participant of the Quit Smoking Clinic of USM taking a test that will measure the age of his lungs, deciding whether his body is in good shape or otherwise. This will allow the nurse in charge to determine whether the participant is serious in his/her attempt to quit or has not actually let go of the habit.

This are the supply of nicotine gum used in the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) by the clinic. Although  the facilitators of the program highly recommend self initiative and willpower. 

Some of the informational brochures that cannot be seen on the outside but are easily obtained here in the clinic.

A very organized and soothing environment that will enable participants to relax and enjoy the sessions.

Material of informational value that will in some way help participants understand their journey in quitting the habit better.

Officiated by our former VC!

If you guys can't seem to find a right note to stop, then think of those around you. Think of your girlfriend who is dying slowly every single day, breathing in secondhand smoke because, just because you are too weak to quit something that you started in the first place. Be responsible. Be reliable. Be the man

Give it up for her. She'll seal you in her heart. :)

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