Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Getting Started!

This is what goes on every Thursday in the Quit Smoking Clinic of USM. 

1. Participants are required to fill up a questionnaire. Also given treatment cards.

2. Vitals measurement.
    a.) Height
    b.) Weight
    c.) Carbon Dioxide levels
    d.) Peak Flow Meter test
    e.) Waistline 
    f.) Blood pressure and pulse
    g.) All vitals recorded in the treatment card

3. Participants are given:
    a.) 'Dangers of smoking' flyers
    b.) 'How to quit  smoking' flyers
    c.) Quit smoking oath book
    d.) Card for next visit

4. Participant is brought to meet the doctor.

5. Participant's attendance is recorded.

6. Date of next appointment is fixed and noted down in the appointment card.

7. Participant's card is kept in files provided according to alphabetical order. 

8. The Quit Smoking Clinic is cleaned and tidied up. 

9. Lights and all electrical appliances are turned off and the room is locked. 

Plus, it's FREE!!!   PERCUMA!!! Nothing to lose. Plenty to gain. Come for the knowledge. Stay for the freedom.

Sesi dalam kelas berhenti merokok....Segalanya ada disini!!!

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