Tuesday, 22 May 2012

No smoking areas according to
Control of tobacco product regulations 2004 sub regulation 11(1)
·        Entertainment centre or theatre
·        Hospital or clinic
·        Public lift or toilet
·        Air- conditioned eating place or shop
·        Public vehicle or public transport terminal
·        Any building specified by the Minister by notification in the Gazette under regulation 22
·        Airport
·        Government premise
·        Area used for any assembly activity in a building other than private or residential building
·        Educational institution or higher educational institution
·        Nursery
·        School bus
·        School
·        Area in university
·        Service counter in the building specified in the Second Schedule
·        Shopping complex
·        Petrol station
·        Stadium, sport complex, fitness centre or gymnasium
·        Building or public place used for religious purposes
·        Library
·        Internet cafe
·        National service training centre’s (PLKN)
# second hand smoke is harmful to your health and affects your studying and work performance . voice out your right to enjoy clean air free from cigaret

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